About Makara Mas


Director’s Statement

PT Makara Mas originally built to make the gas pump/filling station (SPBU) business in Universitas Indonesia, which location near exit gate going to Jakarta. However, this plan has been delayed due to the prevailing Indonesian laws and and regulations on the state's land inhabited and used by UI.

Development of PT Makara Mas build businesses that support the integration of the activities program at the Universitas Indonesia. One of the means is assisting the financing of business activities, which are undertaken by institutes operated at the faculties of UI. This financing program had been the motor on the first days of PT Makara Mas' businesses.

By using this ”financing model”, the number of PT Makara Mas' human resources is certainly growing up, as they come from all academics of the university. The financing and administration collaborations pattern, undertaken within PT Makara Mas by  UI's academics, opens an opportunity for UI's academics to develop knowledge and generate additional personal income. In turn, it can make the academics stay remain at the university, so that it will be an insentive for them to always share their knowledges for the “future generation”.

PT Makara Mas also makes serious efforts to facilitate the university's civitas academica, such us selling good computers in affordable price and giving credit for lecturers and staffs of Universitas Indonesia.  We can also offer stationery and equipment office for the needs of institutions, faculty and rectorate at Universitas Indonesia.

Other division which starting to run is “Payment Gateway”, this division working together with PT Arta Jasa, we propose to all education school such as, elementary school till university are able to use this system. This system can help administration school to monitor the flow of income very accurately in daily basis.

PT Makara Mas is on the move in developing businesses that can utilized UI's graduates to get business or employment opportunity in PT Makara Mas. Thus, through this integration between Universitas Indonesia as a supplier of labor and PT Makara Mas as giving opportunity for creating a job and employment opportunities for UI's graduate.

PT Makara Mas will retain its vision and mission in doing business now and in the future.

Depok, Januari 2010

Tjahjanto Budisatrio